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Our art exemplifies the fine line between beauty and creativity. All of our work contains hardwork, dedication, love, and care. All art created is done by hand, and is not only a gorgeous conversational piece, it wows guests and family alike. Take a step into your abstract side as we show you different types of art and merchandise. Our love for art outweighs the constant burden of work, and gives us a sense of satisfaction when we know that you love your item.


Glynis Takalo

Glynis Takalo is a self-taught artist whose creativity was sparked by fluid art with its vivid colors and abstract shapes. She realized her dream of being a professional artist when she created Visual Abstracts by Glynis in 2017.

Van Gogh and Dali are her artistic inspirations as they show expressiveness with the bold colors and abstract imagery she loves. She uses the medium of color and the complexity of its depth to illustrate how subtle and dramatic changes can affect emotions.

Born and raised in Detroit; she grew up surrounded by love of art. Her grandparents and mother filled their home with ceramic creations, paintings and creative folk art. Glynis moved to California in 1987 and became a true west coaster. The Coast of San Mateo County has been her home since 1999.



Joanie Waters is the designer of the jewelry and lighthouses. She has always been interested in arts and crafts from a very young age.


At the age of 16, she got the opportunity to work for the Pacifica recreation department and was excited about all of the different avenues in the field of arts and crafts. She loved the ability be able to make anything into whatever your heart desired.

She got interested in doing lighthouses made of clay pots and jewelry from Glynis's drippings. They decided to join together to experiment on ways to recycle the drippings from Glynis's art


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